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Hemorrhoids And How To Deal With Them

Hemorrhoids develop when the skin in the external or internal rectal area are swollen. Swelling in the rectal area is not a usual occurrence. When the swelling happens it is a hemorrhoid. These swelling are usually about the size of a raisin but can often be as large as a grape. These protrusions can often just feel itchy but they can also become extremely painful.

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external and they can be the type of hemorrhoid that bleeds real blood. They can bleed whether they are internal of external. It is recommended that you do not wear tight under clothing in order to get relief from hemorrhoids. In order to know if you have bleeding hemorrhoids, check your stool for blood. Blood in the stool is almost always a sign of bleeding hemorrhoids.

If you are searching for a treatment best for hemorrhoids you will not find one. There is no single treatment that is best with which to treat hemorrhoids however, here are some of the treatments that are most commonly used: keep the area clean after every bowel movement; keep the anal area as dry as you possibly can; sit in hot water several times a day (sitz bath); be sure your diet is a high fiber one; and do not strain during bowel movements. These are treatments that are most viable and recommended to be used to treat hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids often develop during pregnancy. During pregnancy hemorrhoids may develop because of pressure in the pelvic area or the body as well as the large vein called the vena cave which is on the right side of the body. During the progression of the pregnancy there is more swelling and this exacerbates the pressure thus hemorrhoids are developed. If there is constipation during the pregnancy, this too will help the development of hemorrhoids. During pregnancy the walls of the veins relax with assistance from progesterone (hormone) with allows them to become swollen more easily thus, causing pressure. In order to get some relief from hemorrhoids during pregnancy you must: keep the area clean and particularly after every bowel movement; apply ice packs to the area; and sit in a warm bath several times daily.

There does not appear to be a way to cure hemorrhoids, hydrocortisone creams are being used to reduce the swelling, and give the patient some relief from the itching.

There may not be an actual cure from hemorrhoids but the patient does have some options in attempting to rid of the hemorrhoids. The available options to get rid of the hemorrhoids are: reducing the swelling and avoiding future irritation of the area, removal of the vein; and to see what sort of surgery may be available for your type of hemorrhoids problem.


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